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What is a Mesh Office Chair?

Mesh chairs are office chairs which have breathable backrest upholstery, unlike padded leatherette chairs. This helps in free airflow to the user’s back while using the chair and provides a proper air vent at the back of the user. They are prima facie designed for proper air ventilation.

Where and whom can it be used by?

It can be used as a work-from-home office chair by any working professional, in a cabin in any office by top-level managers and senior executives of the company, any boss or owner in their shop, factory or company and anyone who is looking for a long-lasting comforting mesh chair for their usage. 

What are the features of our Budget Friendly Mesh Chairs ?


 Internal frame material: Glass Filled Nylon | Upholstery cover: Breathable Mesh | Seat Upholstery: 32 D High-Density Moulded Foam | Size: High & Mid Back || Class 4 Gas Piston || Heavy Duty Metal Base with Alloy Wheels || PU Padded Height Adjustable Armrest 


 Soft-touch breathable high-grade PU Fabric Breathable creates a sleek appearance and features a natural matte sheen at the back and seat of the chair. The supportive double-layer cushion provides placement throughout to provide a snug, comfortable fit that targets the head, back, lumbar region, legs and arms to make long seating hours a whisker.


Zeus and Astra have soft PU Padded and Flexible armrests that allow the user to use the chair in their comfort and fatigue-free, it refrains from any stress on the arms while used for long working hours. The Arms in Zeus and Astra are height adjustable whereas in phoenix are flexible and move to and fro with the recline motion of the chair and are padded with foam support. Dazzle has fixed arms without any padding.


An extra stable base along with Class 4 Piston features a 360-degree swivel with 5 durable casters for strong support and easy movement. Customize your seating experience with the built-in height adjustment level. Zeus has a 4D Foam supported adjustable lumbar support and a 2D foam Neck Support. Dazzle, Astra and Phoenix have basic lumbar support and no neck support.


Ergonomically designed for comfortable seating. Helps improve posture and reduces back pain, prevents long-term effects of poor posture such as spinal and joint dysfunction. 


Zeus and Astra in the budget-friendly mesh chairs category come with a multi-synchro tilt lock mechanism which can be locked anywhere between 90-135 degrees angle while reclining on the chair. This is best suited for the posture of the user and provides best-in-class comfort. Other models like Dazzle and Phoenix do not come with the multi-lock mechanism.


The height of the seat can be adjusted using a lever as per the comfort of the user to ensure the feet touch the floor and are perpendicular to the floor to provide best-in-class comfort.  The Tilt tension control can be used to adjust the stiffness of the backrest to use it comfortably while reclining or rocking on the chair comfortably while you work.


 We give you the option to own the chair buying experience. Now simply tell us your height along with the order and we will ensure the chair is manufactured with a personal touch for you. 

Which Chairs we have in Budget Friendly Mesh Chairs?





What are the Health Benefits of our Chairs?

Neck Support  

Our Chairs are designed with a wide & thick padded headrest to provide support to your neck and comfort to your head. Our Chairs have their headrest integrated with the back which makes it firm and sturdy. This ensures there is no neck pain during long seating hours and makes the sitting experience bliss.

Leg & Knee Support 

Our chair comes with an adjustable height mechanism and a thick padded leg rest. This ensures you get a perfect seating posture. You can adjust the height of the seat and place your feet comfortably on the ground.

Back Support 

All our chairs are designed to follow the natural curve of your spine to the lower back. Designed to provide a dynamic seating capability, so as to prevent one-sided strain from being placed on the muscles. You can recline and adjust the backrest as per your need. This chair protects your back from any pain.

Shoulders & Arms Support 

While designing the armrests, we kept in mind that the arms should be close to the body and allow the shoulder to relax. The armrests of our office chairs are ergonomically designed and hence movable as you recline. It has a Padded Cushion with thick leatherette which keeps your arms relaxed and fatigue-free.

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